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Author visits are an amazing way to get students excited about reading and writing! Jess Redman loves to share her passion for literature, and as a therapist and an adjunct professor, she has experience creating groups and presentations that engage and enlighten participants of all ages.



The following are presentations and workshops that Jess currently offers. Each presentation can be tailored for the audience’s age group (4th grade up through adults) and needs. Jess is also able to develop a custom program just for your group!


FROM BRAIN TO BOOKSHELF: How an Idea Becomes A Book

45-60 minutes, includes Q&A; Grades 4 and up

In this engaging and interactive presentation, Jess will discuss how she became an author, from her childhood writing all the way to the publication of her first book. Students will learn about the writing process, how books are edited, how covers are designed, and more. Jess will also share writing tips, including what all writer’s need most: Perseverance!


THE MIRACULOUS: A Closer Look At The Story

45-60 minutes, includes Q&A; Grades 4 and up

This is a perfect presentation following a class or school-wide read of The Miraculous! Students will create their own Miraculous Entry, hear about the inspirations behind the book, and explore the cultural and mythological elements of the story. Jess will take questions from the audience and give feedback on some of the questions from the DISCUSSION GUIDE.



45-60 minutes, includes Q&A; Grades 6 and up

In this thought-provoking presentation, Jess focuses on the transformative power of stories from her perspective as both a writer and a therapist. Using both classic and current middle-grade stories, she will discuss with students how stories shape our view of the world. She will explore how the stories we hear and the stories we tell ourselves change us, and how story-telling can be a path empathy and creativity.


THE STORY CHANNEL: Finding the Stories That Surround You

45-60 minutes, includes Q&A; Grades 4 and up; intended for class-sized groups

It’s the question every author gets: So where do stories come from?In this fun workshop, students will explore the many sources of inspiration that surround them—from personal life to art to newspapers to dreams to music. Using these varied sources, students will outline a story together as a class, as well as beginning to brainstorm a story of their own.


*The following two workshops can be done solely with Jess’s own examples or they can be made more interactive by having students come in with their own writing samples. These workshop can also take place over multiple days, as a course for young writers.

WHAT’S IN A STORY?: An Intro to Creative Writing

45-60 minutes, includes Q&A; Grades 4 and up; intended for class-sized groups

In this interactive workshop, students will delve learn about creative writing basics, including plotting, point of view, tense, structure, character development, figurative language and sensory detail. As a class, students will bring a piece of writing to life.


EDITS AWAY!: An Intro to Editing 

45-60 minutes, includes Q&A; Grades 4 and up; intended for class-sized groups

Students will be shocked to learn that writing is 90% revision! This workshop will introduce students to the different types of edits that manuscripts go through. Students will delve into developmental, line, and copy edits. They will be amazed at the difference in the end product!




Jess is available for panels and presentations on the topics described above. As a therapist, she is also able to speak to mental health issues and representation in children’s literature. She is particularly interested in how stories can serve as pathways of understanding and healing. CONTACT her for more information on what she can bring to your event!




Jess would love to do a FREE 20-minute Skype visit with groups that have read THE MIRACULOUS! These visits are first come, first serve and based on Jess’s schedule. Please use the CONTACT FORM to request a date!



All of Jess’s in-person presentations listed above may be adapted as virtual visits, including visuals. Time: 45-60 minutes Cost: $100




A microphone (if deemed necessary for the space/audience size), a projector, and a school laptop. Jess will bring a USB flash drive with her PowerPoint Presentation on it. 



One hour engagement, including book signing (within 60 minutes of Jess’s home office near West Palm Beach, FL): $150

Half-day engagement (within 90 minutes and up to two presentations, including book signing): $300

Full-day engagement (within 90 minutes and up to three presentations, including book signing): $500

For locations more than 90 minutes from West Palm Beach, FL, please CONTACT Jess Redman.


Make your author visit worthwhile—have students read the book and get excited! Books can be ordered from your local bookstore. Floridians, check out The Book Cellar in Lake Worth and Books & Books! Using an independent bookseller is convenient and benefits your local economy. Please contact them to discuss their policies. Below you will find a Book Order Form that you can customize and send home with your students.






Go to the PRESS KIT to find downloadable author bio, photos, book info, book cover, contact info, an informational flyer, and a sample press release.


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