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But when you start to figure out what connects people with the area they want to move to, what they know about it, whether they went for a walk there in the evening, you see surprised faces. My task as an expert is to ask clients provocative, sharp questions that they usually do not ask themselves

There is one more feature of the brain: this phenomenon is called "imprinting", that is, the qualitative fixing of the features of objects in the memory. We do not realize how much pleasant childhood memories influence us when choosing a place to live. If we grew up in a certain area or traveled to a beautiful city as a child, then the memories then affect us in adulthood. You often hear:

“After I was taken on a tour of the observation tower as a child, I always dreamed of living on the upper floors.”

“I have liked such neighborhoods since childhood.”

Therefore, when changing locations, we often do not understand what drives us.

I recently had a couple for a consultation. The spouse spoke more, mainly about the new districts of Moscow, which are being built on the site of former industrial zones, with fashionable residential complexes. Then I started a dialogue with my wife:

- What don't you like now? Tell us what area you grew up in.

– I grew up and studied in the center, in the area of ​​Kutuzovsky Prospekt. That is, she lived closer to the Ukrainian Boulevard.


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