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Book Trailer Time

Here it is! The book trailer for my middle-grade magical contemporary, THE MIRACULOUS!

This trailer premiered this morning on Watch. Connect. Read with Mr. Schu right here:

It took an absurd amount of time to make this trailer because I've never done anything like it before, and so I am absurdly proud of it. To make it, I used cut-outs from the cover illustration done by the incredible Matt Rockefeller, and author-illustrator Dan Haring helped on the animations that were beyond me, like the waving hand and the growing DoorWay Tree. The lovely music is by Kai Engel.

I released the trailer today, because THE MIRACULOUS is now just two months away from publication. And there are many more MIRACULOUS things coming, like:

—Pre-Order Campaign launch on June 19 with prizes and thank you gifts

—Teaching Guide release in early July

—mini book trailers

But until then, I hope you enjoy the trailer:


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