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QUINTESSENCE is almost here!

As it turns out, I am not great at keeping up with blogs! THE MIRACULOUS has been out in the world for almost a year, and in less than two months, on July 28th, QUINTESSENCE will be here!

This is a story that I'm so excited about, a story I poured my heart and imagination into. It's a story filled with astronomy, alchemy, unlikely friends, identity-changes, disguises, mysteries to solve, a girl with an anxiety disorder, and a fallen star. And it has a map!

Although the conferences and bookstore events that I planned for this book have been delayed or made virtual because of the pandemic, there's still plenty for me to do to help get this story in readers' hands. I've launched a preorder campaign here, I have videos on my YouTube channel here, and I'll be doing virtual events throughout July and August (keep an eye on my Events page or social media!).

And something else I'm so, So, SO excited about is that QUINTESSENCE was the featured book in OwlCrate Jr.'s May "Elements & Alchemy" subscription box! This was a huge honor for me, and I've enjoyed being part of the OwlCrate experience so much.

In this times, preorders are more important than ever—and so is supporting our local bookstores! So if you're interested in a story about a girl who saves a fallen star using magic & science, I hope you'll consider preordering QUINTESSENCE from my local indie bookstore, Books & Books.

Will I get better at updating this blog? ...unlikely. But come visit me on Instagram and Twitter!


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