The Teaching/Discussion Guide to THE MIRACULOUS

THE MIRACULOUS is a story about facing grief, seeking community support, and finding light even when the world seems dark. Big questions and big feelings are explored with a message of hope and wonder at the end. With in-text journal entries, a unique seven-part structure, and mysteries that will keep readers turning pages, THE MIRACULOUS is a perfect choice for a classroom read-aloud, whole-class/school text, literature club, book club, summer reading list, or independent read.

This guide is aligned with Common Core Standards for 5th grade, but it can be applied for grades 3- 8. You will find pre-reading questions, questions for each section of the book, big picture questions, and extension activities that include creative writing prompts, research projects, and visual arts.

A special note to Adult Book Clubs: I've had several adult book clubs reach out to me regarding THE MIRACULOUS. The questions on page 6 of this guide would make an excellent jumping off point for discussion.

You can also download the guide from Macmillan here.

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